2020 Pandemic Collection

Sharon A Maroney,  sa-maroney1@wiu.edu

My 2020 Pandemic Collection is what I've made while Staying Home/Staying Safe. You can have any of these for FREE -

IF you agree to give a nice donation to a food bank, food pantry, or organization providing food to others. If you don't know how or where to donate, I'll recommend the River Bend Food Bank, where they can provide 5 lunches for just $1. Of course, you'll give several dollars, won't you?    https://riverbendfoodbank.org/donate-money/

I am using what ever I am finding in my sewing room. I have not been shopping during the pandemic, so if things don't match exactly, get over it. Every item includes an old button from my mother-in-law's stash, also reminding me of my mom's Singer and my grandmother's treadle.


If you'd like something, fill out this form.  Make sure to tell me exactly which one you want and give me your mailing address. PLEASE, don't forget to donate big. 

 Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

Don't  Forget . . . It's Never Too Early to Do Your Holiday Shopping!

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Bee Safe Pouches

Pouches perfect to carry your mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, and 6 foot ruler.  I've got 2 left.

2 inch Squares Bag

I just couldn't throw these pretty fabric scraps away. I even added a zipper to make this one special.

Black Leftover Bag

Made with two leftover blocks. Perfect for what ever fits inside. Velcro closure too.

Bicycle Built for Two

Not really -  just two pouches for a biker who needs to carry keys, cash, phone, snacks, chapstick, and maybe an extra inner tube or two.

Pretty Red Flowered Bag

Ok this is the 2nd pretty bag on this page and I usually don't make pretty - but I loved this fabric.  There's a zipper on this one too.

Already Taken Three!

How about the 2 inch Squares Bag?

Teeny Tiny Pouches

Perfect for guitar picks, coins, and all the teeny tiny things you put in your pockets or purse and lose. I'll send you 1, 2, or even 3 different ones. Don't know why but I love making these. Velcro closures.

© 2016 by Dr. Sharon Maroney, in collaboration with

Kirsten Belisle

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