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Pandemic Collection

My 2020-21 Pandemic Collection is what I've made while Staying Home and Staying Safe. You can have any of these for FREE. 

IF you agree to give a nice donation to a food bank, food pantry, or organization providing food to others. If you don't know how or where to donate, I'll recommend the River Bend Food Bank, where they can provide 5 lunches for just $1. Of course, you'll give several dollars, won't you?

I'm using what I'm finding in my sewing room, with limited shopping during the pandemic, and I'm making most things without a pattern or even a plan. So if everything doesn't go together perfectly . . . hasn't this pandemic taught us that to be flexible? 


If you'd like something, fill out this form. Tell me exactly which one you want and give me your mailing address. PLEASE, don't forget to donate big. 

Thanks, Thanks, and Thanks,


Sharon A Maroney
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Which one would you like?

Thanks for your message. Sharon Maroney


Wintery Runner

This runner has shades of green and rose fabric and a few flowers and snowflakes. It's small - 11 by 33 inches. Did you notice how I put those blocks on point?  I had to use my seam ripper, but eventually kind of got it together.


Christmas Churn Dash Runner 

I know you still have your Christmas lights up and maybe even your tree - so why not this cute table runner too?  It's 10 by 44 inches with a surprise on the back.


Teeny Tiny Pouches

Perfect for guitar picks, coins, and all the teeny tiny things you put in your pockets or purse and lose. I'll send you 1, 2, or even 3 different ones. Don't know why but I love making these. Velcro closures.

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